Fish Eat Fish Unblocked

There is one single law in the animal kingdom – the strongest survives. At the depths of the world’s oceans, it works just like on land – it’s the largest, nimblest and cruelest who is able to rise in a cruel world. Playing Fish Eat Fish is about how a small fish can stay alive and grow in mortal danger when everyone who is bigger in size wants to eat it in unblocked game. Players will submerge to the bottom of the marvelously drawn underwater world, covered with spectacular corals and whimsical algae. You will meet plenty of sea inhabitants of all possible colors, shapes and types. Some of them won’t pose any threat to you, but most will try to swallow you in one apt bite.

So just swimming back and forth lazily won’t work. You need to stay alert to survive. While you are still small, don’t show up where large fish can notice and hunt you. Stick to remote corners picking up food and growing in size. When you become bigger and can feel safer for your life, it’s time to venture out of your shelter and try on the role of a hunter yourself. You can catch and eat any fish smaller than you. Your prey will fall into several pieces and you’ll have to pick up and swallow each. While you’re doing that, other dwellers of the sea bottom may be attracted by the possibility to steal your lunch. Act quickly and deftly to clear everything up before they appear.

Every slice of fish will bring you a certain amount of experience points. The higher the level of your prey the more points you will get. Experience allows you to level up and grow. So the rule of the game is simple – the more you eat the faster you become more dangerous to other fish. Of course, you can always run into someone bigger and turn into their dinner. But don’t worry, even if you fail, you’ll have a chance to respawn and follow the uneasy way of a little fish from the very beginning learning from your mistakes. After all, it might require a few attempts to come up with the right survival strategy. Feed and Grow Fish is waiting for you online!

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