For Two

If you want to find out what it’s like to be a fish and live in the sea, welcome to Feed and Grow Fish! This amazing game will give you some hard time surviving in the depth of the ocean amidst dangerous creatures and seeking provision in a hope to become one of them. Your goal is to eat as much as you can. At first, this is going to be algae, corals, crabs and some plankton. When you grow large enough, you can attack smaller fish. But doing that will require a good deal of agility! The prey will fall into pieces and by eating them you will level up and grow in size. You can also sneak up to larger fish and try to steal their dinner – chances are high they won’t be able to catch you because you are too small and nimble. And if you’re lucky to feed on the remains of a big fish fallen in a fight, you’ll gain a lot of experience points at once. Becoming bigger means that you’ll have fewer rivals because there won’t be many fish that can compare to you in size. But size benefits come with their own disadvantages – you’ll become more and more clumsy and won’t be able to maneuver that deftly. If you get caught and eaten by some other fish, you can start the game all over again. Join Feed and Grow Fish for Two and see how big you can grow in the long run!

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