This unique simulator is created in the style of the most popular game of agario, but differs in amazing three-dimensional graphics. Feed and Grow Fish is more difficult and more interesting at the same time! Your character will be able to swim not only in two dimensions of the screen, but also to go deep into the sea depths, swimming between corals and underwater rocks and hunting for living creatures darting everywhere with mods.

Feed and Grow Fish shows a tough life in the ocean waters. Almost every inhabitant here wants to attack someone and eat a defeated creature. Therefore, once in the virtual ocean, you should not stare too much at the surrounding beauty – it is better to follow the movements of large predators so as not to become an easy victim for them.

In this online game it’s your teeth that feed you, and your character needs to show its hunting talents in order to turn from a small creature into a huge shark. Growth is obtained only by eating other creatures. This gives experience points. They increase the scale in the lower menu, and when it reaches the maximum, your fish will move to a new level in its evolution and become larger. So the number of its potential victims will increase and there will be less of those who will see it as a tasty lunch.

Some food in the game is enough to swallow – get closer to the starfish, snail or shrimp, hold down the right click and activate the eating process. This is a very simple way to gain weight, since such victims are inactive, and you do not need to show miracles of dexterity to catch them. But such a game tactic has a significant disadvantage. Your fish will grow slowly, because small food gives very few experience points.

Other victims must be thoroughly bitten. Controls in Feed and Grow Fish online are very easy. Left click controls the jaws, the game reduces the health of the fish and then you can eat it. This is the most effective way to increase your size in the ocean. A lot of experience points give a very fast boost. But such nutritious food is really fast and not at all easy to catch.

Your fish moves are controlled by the WASD buttons and the mouse. Learn to find a victim, choose a suitable trajectory for a breakthrough to it and quickly clap your predator’s teeth. Skillful hunters easily achieve outstanding results. Nevertheless, you can play by combining different tactics – first eat simple food and then proceed to attacking maneuvers. Good luck!

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