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Evolution simulators have been quite popular lately. We’ve got to play as plenty of animals, from mammals to birds. Now we also have a chance to glimpse into the depth of the ocean and find out how fish live. Or rather survive. Feed and Grow Fish is exactly about it. You have to remain alive amidst hungry creatures that are eager to swallow you – and grow big enough to eat them instead. Gaining enough weight to become the threat of the sea won’t be easy. There is danger everywhere. You should be extra careful making your way through the water while your size is still too small for you to protect yourself.

On early levels, you need to be as unnoticeable as possible sticking close to places where you can easily hide in case someone decides to hunt you down. Near coral reefs, you will find enough food to help you grow a bit – shells, algae, crabs. They will be pretty simple to eat because they won’t move or try to escape danger. However, when your size increases enough to allow you to get out into the big waters, catching smaller fish won’t be that easy. Little fries will dodge your grip and the smaller their size is the faster they will maneuver. This is the difficulty of getting bigger in Feed and Grow Fish – as you gain mass, you will become ever less nimble. But instead you’ll be able to eat small pray in one move, without having to bite it.

When you catch your prey, you have to bit it several times depending on its size. The fish will then fall into several pieces that you have to pick up and eat. The problem is that there are plenty of other fish nearby and they are looking to snatch a juicy slice from under someone’s nose. You have to keep a close eye on your surroundings to protect your meal from other hungry mouthes. By the way, this tactics also works while you are still small – you can just sneak up on a big fish while it is busy with its dinner and feed on the leftovers. Pieces of high-level fish will give you more experience points and you will grow faster. There is actually no restriction as to how big you can become. It all depends on you and your survival skills. Discover the thrills and challenges of fish life, play Feed and Grow Fish online in last version and level up before you fall into someone’s sharp teeth!

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